About Us

Adam Granger
Principal Broker

Raised in a real estate family, Adam has been around the industry for most of his life. After college in Boston and traveling, Adam returned to his home state of Vermont, happy to be back & eager to make his stamp on the real estate world.  After working for the family business for 9 years, Adam started his own firm offering tons of experience and local knowledge. Adam has helped many buyers & sellers reach their goals and alleviate their worries with a kind, yet strong presence. He focuses on the entirety of a real estate transaction. This allows him to help buyers & sellers see the end result through the many details and detours that may arise. He understands this can be an emotional journey and respects and addresses any questions and concerns. At the same time, for the best interest of his buyers & sellers, he remains objective, fair and insightful  – offering a good balance of compassion and strength.  Adam has an appreciation for antiques, music and all elements of nature. And of course, his dogs and his family.

Briana Granger
Sales Agent & Manager

Briana is a third generation Vermonter who recognizes, and is thankful for, the uniqueness of her home state.  She married into a real estate family and is so happy she did, otherwise she may never have realized her enthusiasm for the business. Briana previously worked in lending, offering insight to the banking process involved in real estate transactions. She has a degree in accounting, is a licensed salesperson and the manager of the business. Briana has an affinity for organization and details (complementing Adam’s broader thinking) & customer service. She handles marketing, MLS, contracts and deadlines, scheduling, overall logistics; the other side of real estate. This allows Adam to do what he does best, selling and creating relationships that we both further develop throughout the process. Briana is passionate about Vermont beauty and living, interior decorating, traveling, her dogs and her family.  

In our opinion, we make a great team – utilizing our individual strengths, intuition and knowledge. We feel we’re an efficient, effective, considerate support system – our goal being a smoother transaction and happy buyers & sellers.


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