Welcome to Redbud Real Estate in Southeastern Vermont covering  

all of Windham County and beyond, happily offering services to buyers & sellers.

We are a non-designated agency which means we’re a brokerage firm that owes a duty of loyalty to a client. This loyalty is shared by all the agents of the firm. No member of our firm may represent a buyer or seller whose interests conflict with yours as a client.

You may become a client by entering into a written brokerage service agreement with a real estate brokerage firm. Clients receive the full services of an agent, including:

  • Confidentiality, including of bargaining information 
  • Promotion of the client’s best interests within the limits of the law 
  • Advice and counsel 
  • Assistance in negotiations 

See the Vermont Real Estate Commission Mandatory Consumer Disclosure for a complete explanation of how representation works in Vermont.